Easy Ubuntu 2.3

Easy Ubuntu installation guide in english.

Update: Please use Easy Ubuntu 2.4 who correct a lot of bugs !

(Captures are in French because I don’t have English screenshots, but Easy Ubuntu is translated in English) Screenshot

Warning !: Easy Ubuntu 2.3 is designed for Ubuntu Breezy, if you use Hoary please run Easy Ubuntu 2.2.

Easy Ubuntu is an easy way to make Ubuntu usable in few minutes. This is a beginner’s tool using a graphical interface.

Easy Ubuntu allows you to:

  • Add extra repositories for installing a lot of additional software.
  • Install multimedia codecs for reading all videos, musics and DVDs.
  • Activate the “audio preview” feature in Nautilus.
  • Install the most needed Firefox plugins: Flash, Java, Real, videos. Adds Microsoft fonts, GNOME’s Firefox buttons, officials Firefox icons.
  • Install archiving support for RAR and ACE.
  • Install the most used peer-to-peer softwares: aMule (a clone of eMule) and Azureus (for Bittorent).
  • Install the Skype voice-over-IP software. (Warning: at this time Skype is not packaged for Breezy so install don’t work)
  • MSN: Install AMSN cvs with webcam support.
  • Num lock: Active the num lock at system startup.
  • Replace the GNOME foot logo with Ubuntu’s logo.
  • Install the NVIDIA or ATI driver for 3D support.

Translated in French, English, German, Spannish, Russian, Danish and Finnish.

New features in 2.3:

  • Breezy fully supported
  • Use totem_gstreamer to play videos instead of totem_xine.
  • Use the brand new Totem’s Firefox plugin.
  • New install process for the “Binary Codecs” (w32codecs), Java and Real (because they have been deleted form the Extras repository).
  • Translated in Russian (tahnks Alexander!) and in Finnish (thanks zeip!)
  • Better German and Danish translations.


Get the archive and extract it (double click and “Extract”). Go to the EasyUbuntu directory. Double click on EasyUbuntu, this window appear:


Click “Run” and follow the instructions.

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