Easy Ubuntu now in English !

Easy Ubuntu installation guide in english.

Easy Ubuntu is an easy way to make Ubuntu usable in few minutes. This is a beginner’s tool using a graphical interface.

Easy Ubuntu allows you to:

  • Add extra repositories for installing a lot of additional software. By default it activates Universe, Multiverse, Extra. Added but deactivated are Backports, Wine, PHP5, suPHP, KDE 3.4.2.
  • Install multimedia codecs for reading all videos, musics and DVDs.
  • Activate the “audio preview” feature in Nautilus.
  • Install the most needed Firefox plugins: Flash, Java, Real, videos. Adds Microsoft fonts, GNOME’s Firefox buttons, officials Firefox icons.
  • Install archiving support for RAR and ACE.
  • Install the most used peer-to-peer softwares: aMule (a clone of eMule) and Azureus (for Bittorent).
  • Install the Skype voice-over-IP software.
  • Replace the GNOME foot logo with Ubuntu’s logo.
  • Install the NVIDIA driver for 3D support.

Update: Please use Easy Ubuntu 2.3.1

Get Easy Ubuntu 2.1

Installation Guide

Download Easy Ubuntu and extract it (double click on EasyUbuntu-2.1.tar.gz). Go into the EasyUbuntu directory and double click on the EasyUbuntu file. You’re asked for your password.

Easy Ubuntu changes your /etc/apt/sources.list file by another with new repositories. Click OK.

Select what you want to do.

Wait with progress bars while software are installed.

Firefox need to be closed. Click OK will close your browser.

The gnome-panel need to be reloaded if you have selected Logo.

If you want to restore the GNOME foot type in a shell: sudo cp /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-logo-icon-transparent_backup.png /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png.

Click OK to read the http://wiki.ubuntu.com/

Enjoy !!

Notice: Easy Ubuntu uses gettext for localization. You can translate Easy Ubuntu in other language using the EasyUbuntu.po file include in lang/fr/ direcory. If you have translated Easy Ubuntu in another language please send me the PO file !

Thanks to floppy for the corrections.

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