Easy Ubuntu 2.4 beta

(English Version)

A new beta of Easy Ubuntu. I want feedback about:

  • The English translation (corrections are welcomed)
  • Are the new options working?
  • Is the “Remover” working?

What’s up?

  • Easy Ubuntu now uses PLF repositories (for w32codecs, libdvdcss, realplay, Skype, Java)! PLF need you, see our Wiki
  • Active DMA (if Multimedia is checked)
  • Replace totem-gstreamer by totem-xine
  • Skype is working (PLF version)
  • Java come back (JRE Sun)
  • NumLock is working (corrected)
  • AMSN cvs (with webcam support) now using a .deb
  • localized sources.list (use mirrors like fr.archive.ubuntu.com)
  • Remover (undo all changes made by Easy Ubuntu)
  • “Logo” Option deleted (by default in Breezy)
  • Azureus removed (a BitTorrent client is available in Ubuntu by default)
  • Clean sources.list (now use only Main, Universe, Multiverse, PLF (free and non-free) and Freecontrib (funny packages like AMSN cvs by the PLF team)

Update (beta4)

  • Remove Totem for Mozilla
  • mplayerplug-in added (works great)
  • Some translations updated
  • Some other bugs corrected (localized sources.list, code cleaning, …)

Translations not updated! Help is wanted!

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