PLF Ubuntu meeting: summary

English version of the summary.

So, a summary

The goal of the PLF Ubuntu repository is making packages for litigious software who cannot be included in the officials repositories because they are patented or copyrighted stuff (ex: w32codecs, RealPlayer, JRE Sun, Freenet, …).

Fisrt actions of PLF Ubuntu are:

  • Creation of a wiki page listing needed packages and Maintainer:
  • Creation of a mailing list. This is the home of PLF Ubuntu. On this list, packages are purposed and tested. If you want help please subscribe at:

The packages must don’t be:

  • warez !
  • purposed or already in the main, Universe or Multiverse repositories. If your package is not litigious please use official repositories!


  • The official language of PLF Ubuntu is English.
  • Packages are distributed by the Frenches (because this is legal in France, our servers are also in France) but peoples who live outside the France can also make packages!

More? Read the meeting’s logs:

How-to create a package for PLF Ubuntu?

  • Learn how-to make packages reading the links on the wiki page
  • Put your nick and package on the wiki (to stop conflicts)
  • When it’s done, send your package on the mailing list
  • It will be tested
  • If it works fine it will be published on the repository

How-to test packages for the PLF?

  • Subscribe to the mailing list
  • See when packages are published
  • Install them
  • Send the results on the list

Help is needed! Please contact us:

  • IRC #plf @
  • Using the wiki:
  • Subscribing the mailing list:

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