MessengerFX allows your contacts to take control over your WLM

I have paste some HTML code to a Edouard using MessengerFX, a popular web Windows Live Messenger client based on AJAX, and – surprise, the code has been interpreted. Oh?! A XSS vulnerability ? Yes, and such a big one!

Every software’s feature is available through Javascript. Any contact of a MessengerFX user can crash his browser, and furthermore get its contact list, add, remove, ban and unban contacts, read and send messages to any other contact of the victim ! Basically, an attacker just need to be listed in the contacts list of an MessengerFX user and this attacker can take control over the account.

And the worst is coming… Using Javascript, it seems easy to write a worm that will, i.e. recursively delete every contacts of the MessengerFX users – say using the vulnerability to get the contact list and delete them one by one. The worm can also try to shutdown the WLM network with a DDOS attack by a heavy load of messages at the same timeusing infected MessengerFX users WLM accounts.

MessengerFX is popular and growing, such a flaw can be very dangerous for a lot of people. I have send a mail to the development team and I hope they will correct their application soon… Because the fix is as simple as a htmlspecialchars() call. MessengerFX users, don’t use it anymore and try Meebo or the official Microsoft WLM web based client. Web developers, never trust the user-submitted data and always escape thos inputs!!

Edit october 6 2008 : the problem is now corrected.


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