Debian/Ubuntu webserver administration tool allows to easily create and manage accounts on shared servers running Debian GNU/Linux (and derivatives, such as Ubuntu Linux). It includes support for Apache virtual hosts, UNIX accounts, MySQL databases and privileges. is a command line tool wrote in Python by Kévin Dunglas.


The philosophy behind this tools is “keep it simple”. is designed for small web hosting services. will not have advanced features like virtual mail or FTP account creation. It creates the base configuration and settings for a web hosting account. Mail, FTP or whatever must be handled by the configuration of the system to use the UNIX account.

Status doesn’t currently support MySQL user and database creation. This will be committed soon.

Install need Debian etch or Ubuntu and Python 2.5 to work. Get the source via SVN : svn checkout debian-hosting-read-only

It’s done ! Type python --help to get started.

Optionally you can adjust the configuration by editing the variables in the head of the file.

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