Ajax Syntax Highlighter 1.0 beta 1 released

Yeah, it’s the first public release of the new syntax highlighter announced in my previous post !

Ajax Syntax Highlighter is a small Javascript utility designed to highlight code embed in a web page in a semantic and standard compliant way.
It automatically looks for source code in the page, send it to a server-side highlighter and display the highlighted code. It also has a “view as plain text” feature and internationalization (French translation available).

Ajax Syntax Highlighter is built with Yahoo! UI and uses JSON for serialization.
It currently includes GeSHi as server-side (PHP required) highlighter but it can be easily used with others such as Pygments.

As you can see, the current graphics come from SyntaxHighlighter and are not so good. If you have some webdesign skills and can help me to enhance it, please contact me !

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