Twisted Python Twitter library with OAuth support

I have just pushed OAuth support in  my Twitty Twister branch on GitHub. This library created by dustin allows to access the Twitter API  using Twisted for Python: a high performance networking engine. It is to my knowledge the first Twitter library written in Python that supports authentication via OAuth. My version of Twitty Twister is backward compatible, allows to choose between standard or OAuth authentication and even allows to change the user’s avatar via OAuth.

The library does not currently support tokens exchanges (the login flow). So, to use this library and the associated examples you need to  register your application on Twitter and get users access tokens using something like Django Twitter Auth for Django.

The 4 first parameters of the examples commands (files ending with in the example/ directory) are always the application’s key, the application’s secret, the user’s key and the user’s secret. See the OAuth Twitter  FAQ for futher information.

Have fun!


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