Installing a LaTeX environment on a Mac

Installing LaTeX on Mac is straightforward. Install Homebrew if not already done, then run: brew install --cask mactex

That’s all!

If you need a good editor, I recommend the LaTeX Workshop extension for VS Code (brew install --cask visual-studio-code or brew install --cask vscodium). Alternatively, try VimTex for Neovim (brew install neovim).

Introducing Edge Side APIs (#APIPlatformCon Keynote)

Here are the slides I presented during my keynote at the API Platform Conference. I introduced a new API architecture inspired by Jamstack: Edge Side APIs (ESA).

Introducing Edge Side APIs

My colleague Antoine Bluchet gave another talk giving more details about how API Platform started implementing ESA:

The talks have been recorded. They will be published in the next few weeks.