Patch to use sfXssSafePlugin with symfony 1.2

HTML Purifier is a awesome PHP filter library designed to secure and add standard compliance to HTML. In websites including user generated content, this library allow to have mutlimedia pages including image, text formating and YouTube videos in a secure and SEO proof way thanks to rich text editors like Tiny MCE or FCK Editor and HTML purifier.

A plugin called sfXssSafePlugin is designed to integrate this library as an escapement strategy in symfony. If you have tried it with symfony 1.2 you can see this message:

HTML Purifier autoloader registrar is not compatible
with non-static object methods due to PHP Bug #44144;
Please do not use HTMLPurifier.autoload.php (or any
file that includes this file); instead, place the code:
spl_autoload_register(array(‘HTMLPurifier_Bootstrap’, ‘autoload’))
after your own autoloaders.

There are also some strict standards and constants compatibility problems. I’ve just wrote a patch to get this plugin working with symfony 1.2.

  1. Install sfXssSafePlugin like described in its README file
  2. Download my patch in the plugin’s folder
  3. Go into the plugin’s folder and run patch lib/helper/XssSafeHelper.php < XssSafeHelper.php.patch
  4. Edit your application configuration file (ie: apps/frontend/config/frontendConfiguration.class.php) and add the following code into the configure() method:
    spl_autoload_register(array('HTMLPurifier_Bootstrap', 'autoload'));

It’s done ! I’ve submitted this patch to the plugin’s author. I hope it will be upstream soon 🙂